Partner 2

Name: IMASONIC, Besançon, FRANCE
Role: Leader of WP 6
Contact persons: Gérard Fleury, Frédéric Brochin

The organisation

IMASONIC was established in Besançon (France) in 1989 and can benefit from this strategic position from an experienced environment in microtechnics. Since its funding the company developed an important part of its activity in producing new ultrasonic products, which bring new solutions to some industrial and medical problems, and in some cases to solve problems without any previous solution. One important choice of the company was to concentrate its industrial and marketing strategy on transducers, while developing co-operations with clients, companies, and leading research institutions on other technological aspects like electronics, mechanics and software.
IMASONIC main scientific skills are in the production and detection of ultrasounds in the 20 kHz-20 MHz frequency range, techniques for focused emission and reception of energy in space, and elements arrays.

IMASONIC markets its products and services for health and security within either:
• emerging medical applications in monitoring, therapy, and therapy combined with imaging and new innovating applications in the diagnostic field, e.g. high frequency imaging, vibroacoustography.
• or industrial applications such as the Non Destructive Testing of materials and structures, e.g. nuclear plants, aircraft engines and flow measurement, e.g. in oil industry.
IMASONIC is experienced in a number of domains:
• Electrical and acoustical characterization of active and passive materials for design and manufacturing of piezoelectric ultrasound transducers
• Design and manufacturing of piezoelectric ultrasound transducers: transducers for medical and industrial applications including annular, linear and phased arrays
• Electrical, electro-acoustical and radiation characterization of piezoelectric ultrasound transducers
• Simulation capability for:
• transducer electro-acoustical behavior using equivalent circuit and finite elements models
• transducer acoustical beam using semi-analytic codes
Thanks to its 18 years experience in design and manufacturing of phased array probes, IMASONIC offers today an unequalled level of service, performance and reliability for custom and standard phased array probes including: 1D (linear, annular, circular) arrays and 2D matrix arrays.