Partner 9

Name: SCIPROM Sàrl, St-Sulpice, Switzerland
Role: Project manager and leader of WP1
Contact persons: Paolo Dainesi, Peter Ulrich

The organisation

SCIPROM is an SME specialised in the management of European research projects. SCIPROM supports scientific coordinators from the first project idea to the final report, in project set-up, submission, negotiation, and management. At present, SCIPROM has seven employees.

The role

SCIPROM will provide Project Management and Dissemination resources including:
• Project office, contact point and support for the coordinator and all partners of the consortium,
• Contractual, financial and legal management (Consortium Agreement, EU contract negotiations and amendments, IPR issues, financial reports and audit certificates),
• Compilation of scientific and financial reports, collection of audit certificates,
• Organisation of project meetings,
• Creation and maintenance of the project web site.

The experience

SCIPROM is currently involved in the management of more than ten FP6 and FP7 projects, including different types of funding schemes (an IP with 20 participants, several STREPs, a Marie Curie action, two coordination actions) in different thematic priorities (ICT, NMP, Health, SSH etc.). All SCIPROM project managers have both a substantial scientific background with several years of research activities and sound experience in project management. Located in close proximity to the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a Swiss Federal Institute, the company benefits from its academic surroundings and excellent infrastructures.