D8.7 - Awareness and wider societal implications

Report on societal implications of the ULTRAsponder project.

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D8.6 - Proceedings of the 2nd ULTRAsponder workshop

The second ULTRAsponder Workshop was organised as satellite event of the 5th International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT 2011), which was held in Montreux, Switerland, from March 27th to 30th 2011 (See


D8.5 - Proceedings of the 1st ULTRAsponder workshop

The first ULTRAsponder Workshop was organised as satellite event of the 2010 ESSDERC / ESSCIRC conference which was held in Sevilla, Spain, from September 13th to 17th 2010.


D2.6 - User requirements

This document provides the user requirements of the ULTRAsponder system. There are a great number of possible applications all with its specific set of user requirements. Consequently the user requirements are a multidimensional space with variable dimensions and ranges.

User requirements

D8.1 - Project presentation

This deliverable is a popular scientific summary of the project to be used as promotional material for the ULTRAsponder web page or other dissemination channels.

Project presentation