Partner 4

Name: Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA (CSEM), Neuchatel, Switzerland
Role: Project partner
Contact persons: Christian Piguet, Marc Morgan

The organisation

The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) is a private company, partly funded by the Swiss Confederation, carrying out applied research, product development, feasibility studies, product engineering and production of special devices. CSEM is mainly active in the areas of microtechnology, microelectronics and information systems. CSEM develops and exploits key technologies established with the help of the Swiss Confederation, universities and industrial partners.

The Lab

The research conducted in the Microelectronics Division is mainly focused on the development of innovative and very low-power circuits and systems. CSEM Microelectronics division is involved in the design in deep submicron technologies of analog, radio and digital blocks, such as microcontrollers, DSP cores, standard cell libraries and memories. All these blocks are used for the design of Systems on Chips (SoC) for portable devices, for which dynamic and static power has to be drastically reduced. Generally working at very low voltage down to 0.6 Volt, technology variations are a main issue, and various techniques have been used for the power management circuits used into the SoC to regulate different internal voltages.
CSEM was a partner in many R&D European projects regarding low-power designs, such as ESD-LPD low power action (Melopas), NoE MARLOW and ACiD, MyHeart and MAP2 projects. CSEM has also participated in FP6 European project such as MINAMI and MIMOSA.