Partner 1

Name: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Role: Project coordinator and leader of WPs 3 and 5
Contact persons: Dr. C. Dehollain, Mr. E. Meurville

The organisation

EPFL is one of the two Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. EPFL has three missions: education, research and technology transfer at the highest international level. The Electronics Laboratory (LEG1) of EPFL and the Laboratory of Microengineering for Manufacturing (LPM2) of EPFL participate to this project.

The labs

EPFL-LEG has a large experience in the design of low power analogue integrated circuits. In particular, it has acquired a strong know-how in the domain of remotely powered backscattering integrated circuits in the last 7 years. The European IST and EUREKA projects constitute a large part of EPFL-LEG research framework activities. In the domain of low power integrated UHF receivers and transmitters, EPFL-LEG has been the Coordinator of the Esprit project SUPREGE. In the domain of multi-mode radio generation of mobile phones, EPFL-LEG has participated to the IST projects SODERA and MuMoR. In the domain of MEMS and their use in RF integrated circuits, EPFL-LEG has participated to the IST projects WIDE-RF and MIMOSA. In the same domain, EPFL-LEG participates to the IST Integrated Project MINAMI and to the STREP Project NANO-RF.

EPFL-LPM is primarily focused on ideas of market-driven micro-engineering products, from feasibility study to functional prototypes. This includes the product innovation process and the conception of technological platforms with embedded hardware and software architectures, in real-time environments. As an application of this general methodology, we develop the concepts and the production methods for complex microengineering systems. Since 2002, EPFL-LPM has been especially active in the development of implantable biomedical devices in the field of continuous glucose monitoring and therapeutic devices in the field of drug delivery systems, including architecture definition, electronics design, 3-D packaging, firmware and signal processing.